Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 28

Well, I knew we would start to adjust to this place just as soon as it was time to leave. Week 3 was the toughest, and now that we're coming to the end of week 4, we're finally getting use to everything. I had a hunch that would happen. lol.

Sindy spent over six hours with her disciples today treating them to coffee, lunch and shopping. It was a great time to bond for them. These girls are very humble, and they were excited to see Sindy put her love into action. Who wouldn't enjoy a few gifts and a free lunch? Something like this could be considered standard procedure in America, but is just not possible on the salaries people make down here. So, it was a big deal to them. Two of the girls are already telling Sindy that they're considering attending the seminary after high school!

We visited Lighthouse baptist church again tonight, and I'm overwhelmed at the love they have for us. I really feel like the love would be the same even if our church hadn't sent the money to help with the new building. As a member of OHBC, it's true that we are more blessed to give them the gift, than they are to recieve it. Lighthouse is a welcoming church with lots of love, and the Word is taught passionately there. Juan bought us up on stage again, and had us tell everyone the things God is doing with us, and they presented us with gifts of gratitude for partnering with them on the church building. It is very refreshing to see how another body of believers worship. Tonight was filled with lots of prayer sandwiched in between a great message. I thought it was unique how pastor Juan called on specific members to pray for a specific missionary they support. We are grateful for the opportunity God gave OHBC to help build their church, and I can clearly see that there will be tons of heavenly treasures because of our investment.

Check out this link for those interested in seeing photos of the church:
This is from Chris Gardner's blog. He pastored Lighthouse for years, discipled and trained Juan, and turned it over to him, I guess 6-7 years ago.

Lastly, I failed to mention something cool on Tuesday. Sindy and I attended the weekly service here at the seminary, and it was one of those situations where it felt like the message was prepared just for us. The speaker spoke in great length about the cost of being a missionary (an appropriate topic for seminary students, right), and was teaching out of Acts. He said don't be surprised if your house gets broke into (that actually happened to us last Thursday), then he said you should expect some friends to speak evil against you (that also happened last week, and unfortunately appears to be ongoing). Sindy asked me several times if I spoke with the pastor to help him prepare the message, and I reminded her that I had never met the guy. I love how God speaks to us exactly what we need to hear.

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