Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 22

Thursday was one of those days where a lot of things seem to go wrong, and you wish the day would end sooner rather than later. Sindy had a near-miss incident with a taxi driver. Her disciple lives towards the outskirts of town, and when Sindy instructed the driver to turn, he went the other way. He failed to fulfill Sindy's request to turn around. He said he knew another way, and things weren't looking good. Thankfully, Sindy talked the driver into asking a person on the street for directions, and as soon as he stopped Sindy got out, paid him the money, and took a bus back home.

Later in the evening we learned our home had been broke into. Only an old laptop was taken, and we learned today the thieves have been apprehended. Just an overall challenging day.

The good news is we had many supporters encourage us to press on. We had the fellowship of the church that was encouraging (Omega has their midweek meeting on Thursday night). Yesterday we went back to the park for more evangelism, and had a handful of great conversations, including another salvation!

Tomorrow night we'll be visiting Faro (Spanish for lighthouse) Baptist Church. This is Juan Pacheco's church. My home church, OHBC, took on a special project to help them expand their building. The church has experienced healthy growth under Juan's leadership, and we're anxious to taste the ministry in which we've invested in! At the end of the month a group from my church will be visiting as well. Here's a photo of Juan and I.

This week a group from LaGrange, GA has been here working to build wheel chair ramps around town. I've enjoyed chatting with those guys as they come and go. They're flying back home today.

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