Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 27

The visit to Lighthouse Baptist Church was really good. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. Even before people knew we were from OHBC, everyone went out of their way to make sure we were welcomed. After we were introduced people continued to show their gratitude. A gentleman they are sending out to plant a church in Tacna spoke for a few minutes, then Juan delivered a great message. I was surprised at the end of service as Juan called me on stage to say a word, and dismiss in prayer (with Sindy translating). I was sure to let them know that, on behalf of OHBC, we are privileged to partner with a church that is doing great things. The church invited us back for their Thursday service because they have some gifts for the church they would like to send back with us.

Monday was another pastor's conference, and another opportunity to make more contacts. I'm invited to share my testimony at a youth meeting at Omega this Saturday. Some of Sindy's disciples will be in attendance, and I'm pumped about sharing my personal story in Christ. A gentleman named Luis Alberto is the youth leader, and is planning to plant a church in Paraguay. Sindy and I are hoping to meet with him to hear about the plans God has in store for him. He's a great guy, and it may be another opportunity for us to support him.

Sindy is doing a great job building a relationship with her disciples. We're praying that she'll still have influence over them even after we're gone. They have great Bible studies, and today even concluded with one of the girls' mom getting saved. Tomorrow she'll treat the three of them to a ladies day out. I'm encouraged about all the evangelism Sindy has done. Her taxi driver received salvation today too. He asked her about some material he received from some Jehovah's Witness, and told her he didn't think it was truth. Sindy proceeded to tell him the real TRUTH, and he was thrilled to accept Jesus as his saviour. He even mentioned that he would like to take his family to church! Also, we've met with a couple in the park four different times. They sell handmade jewelery, so, they're always there. They are very friendly, and have informed us that they are atheist. However, they said many great things about our testimony. Even asked us to pray for them! They've had many religious people be rude to them when they tell that they are atheist. They are intrigued to listen to us talk about the Bible, and our relationship with Christ. We purchased a Spanish copy of the book "The Case for Christ," by Lee Stobel, and gave it to them as a gift. They are very gracious and told us they like to read books. So, please pray for Fernando and Paula. We're going to try to see them one more time before we leave, and we've got their email. I'll try to line up some of the Omega members to follow up with them.

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