Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts Before I leave

God has used our trip preparations to teach me a few things.

Aunt Joy explained to me when Mawmaw was ill that one of grandma's faults in life was not allowing others to help her. God would send people to help her in a time of need, and in her humbleness she would not allow the helper to help. I know that doesn't sound like a character flaw, being too humble. However, there is certainly an element of fellowship, and sharing in ministries that is spiritually healthy. Sometimes I see myself like Mawmaw, not wanting to inconvenience anyone with the burdens God has laid on my heart. So, I've had to learn to overcome this. In short, God has instructed all of His children to be stewards of the gospel, and specific to me He has burdened Sindy and I to do this to Spanish speakers. This is God's will, and He has established the church to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20 > Act 13:1-3) If this ministry is going to happen as God wishes then it will be because my fellow brothers and sisters at OHBC are supporting us! So, here are the tidbits God showed me as prayers were answered and financial support started rolling in:

  • When people provide their time and treasure, it is an INVESTMENT not a DONATION. I desire to be the fruit producer God has called me to be, and any fruit I can produce will be fruit abounding in the accounts of those investing their lives into me. (Philippians 4:17)
  • Accountability. What if three years from now I have no fruit to show? The investments will have been in vain! Not too long ago I weighed thirty pounds less, and was about twice as strong. I was going to the gym regularly, and I had a work out partner. Half of the reason I went to the gym was because I wanted to look good, the other half was because I was accountable to my partner. If I didn't show up then he wouldn't be able to get in the workout he desired. I needed to spot him, and push him to do more. I still desire to look good, but when there is no accountability then there is no motivation. Likewise, I'm motivated for ministry more than I ever imagined I could be, becasuse I'm accountable to many who have invested lots of time and money into me. (1 Corinthians 4: 1-2)
  • Encouragement when you're down is great, and encouragement when you're not down is equally great! I've been down plenty of times, and God has used a wide variety of people to encourage me. However, as of late I've been excited about what God is doing at OHBC, and with my family. One might be led to believe that encouragement is not effective when you're on top of the mountain. However, I've found that God is still using people to encourage me, and instead of pulling me out of a valley it's helping me to see that there are mountain peeks even higher than where I stand now! As we go to Peru I'm asking God to increase and clarify the vision for the new ministry. Maybe God really does want to use me to reach the WORLD.

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