Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2

Early in the morning I experienced my first earthquake! Everyone was sleeping, except me, and the earth just started moving. The epicenter was a good distance away from us; so, it wasn't much to talk about for the locals. No damage here. No injuries. Just a unique feeling for me.

Went to a pastor's meeting with Jeremy today. Very interesting to see the group of 20+ pastors maintain close relationships. All of these guys went to the Bible College, and are now doing the work of the Lord as leaders of independent Baptist churches. This meeting was sort of a continuing leadership training they do once per month. The teacher is well respected, and spoke extensively on the characteristics they should possess as leaders. It was yet another good event for me to meet people, and to tune my ear to the language.

Spent some time with some guys here at the Bible College also. They're eager to share testimonies, and seem to always drive the conversation to spiritual things. They ask what my favorite verse, what I'm currently studying, etc. I guess you would expect that from students at a Bible College, but it's still inspiring. I definitely need to converse about spiritual matters more often.

Lastly, Monday is the day off around here at the Bible College. So, I'll actually wasn't in language school today. It'll be Tuesday through Saturday.

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