Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 7

One week in the books. Getting settled in, and finally got acquainted with our neighbors, the Henry family. They've had visitors this week, and haven't been around much. They are on a one year mission to prepare themselves to plant a church in the midtown area of Atlanta. They are being sent out of Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, and are friends with the Gardner family. It's a pleasure to see others responding to the burden God has given them, and to share a kitchen with them too. lol.

Today we hosted Sindy's disciples for lunch, Daysi and Estefani. The first impression is that they are very humble. We look forward to worshipping alongside them tomrrow at church. Sindy will meet with them throughout the week for that very important life-on-life Bible study. I'm excited to see what God can do in such a short time. Maybe, via technology, God will continue to use Sindy to help them grow. Discipleship is a process that takes years, then continues for the remainder of life (see example of Jesus). I can't help but think of how God used Paul in Thessanolica. Paul was only there for three weeks before getting kicked out. Check out the story in Acts 17: 1-12, then go read the letters to the Thessalonians. Pretty amazing how God used Paul to establish those people in just a short period of time!
That's Daysi sitting next to Sindy, and Estefani sitting next to Rebekah Hall, wife of Jeremy Hall, and missionaries we support, er actually their doing a lot to support us right now......

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